• Fixed empty document title when no post is specified.
  • Fixed sidebar content being shifted to the right.
  • The big change this release is the introduction of theming. You can select what theme your blog is going to use with the theme setting in config.xml.
  • A new default theme called flat. The old theme is still available under the name web1.0 and has been improved to accommodate the new elements (see below).
  • A navbar and a sidebar have been added to the layout. (See the screenshots on the project page.)
  • New blog entries' file names will include their titles. Due to this generating links with titles is obsolete and the setting entry_links_with_titles has been removed from config.xml.
  • This is version 2.0.0. Drukkar will use semantic versioning for any subsequent releases.
  • Replaced the tables used for layout with div tags with minimum changes to the CSS.
  • The big one: Drukkar now implements caching for every dynamically generated page a visitor can see (plus opt-in search caching). Caches expire when the files used to generate them (data or code) are updated. This should decrease the CPU usage on your server dramatically.
  • files.php now includes a text file viewer.
  • The dynamically generated HTML code, including that of administrative pages, has been made more human-readable, with line breaks in all the right places.
  • Lots of little optimizations related to string operations.
  • The PHP code has also been reformatted to look better and fit the standard 80-column view.
  • Post dates are now time zone-aware. You'll need to set time_zone in config.xml to the correct value for your locale.
  • Code documentation rewritten for compatibility with Doxygen.
  • Fixed pagination when looking up tags or searching.
  • RSS feed added. A link to rss.php has been added to the footer.
  • Drukkar now ships with a favicon.
  • Added support for writing entries in Markdown with Michel Fortin's PHP Markdown.
  • Boolean settings and entry_date_from_file_name now work correctly.
  • A new setting in the config file: show_dates.
  • Security and early error detection improved by eliminating type-coerced comparisons and introducing explicit type conversions.
  • The default admin session time-out value is now sane (10 minutes instead of 10 seconds).
  • Various small improvements.
  • Admin sessions now expire.
  • Passwords are now hashed with salt.
  • makepass.php added for generating password hashes.
  • Some security fixes.
  • The way tags work has been changed.
  • Numerous internal changes.
  • The initial open-source release.

Tags: changelog