Drukkar is a small blogging software program and CMS made with the following in mind:

  • minimum page overhead — the content should account for most of your web traffic
  • working without a database
  • ease of releasing files with your posts

Each blog entry (post) in Drukkar is stored as a separate XML file in a directory. The clean, compact and correct HTML 4.01 Strict that Drukkar generates is well-suited for projects accessed over slow connections like GSM networks, modems or Tor.

Example uses of the file posting feature include:

  • a game developer posting alpha versions of his or her game
  • a government organization releasing forms and other documentation to the public — this is what Drukkar was initially developed for

The fact that Drukkar uses XML files to store its blog entries and configuration is either a big strength or a weakness depending on your needs. It is easy to set up on any server with PHP 5, including in a user's public_html directory, however, Drukkar may not easily scale beyond a certain number of hits per day without external caching.

Visit our SourceForge project page for downloads and contacts, browse the code or read the manual below to get a taste of what it is like to work with Drukkar. This blog is powered by Drukkar.

The name "Drukkar" is a play on Ukrainian "друкар", meaning "printer" (the profession, not the peripheral).

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